The Looking Glass Project


What happens when real history meets fiction? Lewis Carroll, author of the acclaimed Alice in Wonderland and other stories, lived a life of slight seclusion and mystery that was later scrutinized after his death. Now comes a tale that takes moments of his childhood and adult life and merges it with the stories he wrote about Alice. Lewis Dodgson, a young boy, runs away from home and falls through the looking glass into the world of Wonderland. Here he will make new friends and enemies in his quest to find his way back home. From a battle on the high seas against the Mad Hatter and Red Queen to an epic journey through Wonderland to battle with the Jabberwock, Lewis will have to rely on his trust in others and his intelligence to escape the dangers of this mystical world.



Workshop Rehearsal Photos

Who's Who


Kaitlyn Gorman                  

Whitney Andrews

James Jelkin

Ryan Marcone

Julia Estrada

Darek Burkowski

Harrison Haney

William Stanley

Joseph Townsend

Alissa Sumerano

Justin Heavner

Will Graziano


Creative Team

Director: Cat Yudain

Producers: Elysse Yulo and Carmen Torres

Writer: Thomas Brazzle

Composer: Aden Kent Ramsey

Costume Designer: Maureen Freedman