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CiC's: Much Ado About Nothing


Classics in Color: An INclusive Theatre Company brings the classical story of Much Ado About Nothing in Shakespeare's words to present day New York City: exploring the real world of friends returning from war, true friendship and love, and misunderstandings and reconciliation. This tale of assumptions, of how women should behave, of how men should react, and what happens when one listens to rumors and not one's heart has never been more timely. Much Ado is led by a strong, sharp witted woman. The play explores gender expectations and perceptions; it examines love from many angles; and it is both a moving drama and a laugh out loud comedy. Cast and designed inclusively, CiC's Much Ado demonstrates a community of people of different ethnicities, genders, and able-ness working together to bring a beautiful, heart-centered story to life. Through the inclusivity of the artists building this project, we reflect the diverse community in which we live, inviting you, our community to see themselves in Shakespeare.

CiC's Artistic Director Nafeesa Monroe directs and leads a diverse team of performers and designers. Design Team: Set Design by Korean-American architect, professor Keena Suh & partner Markus Waschewsky, Costume Design by Haitian-American stylist and actress Mimi Moss, Produced by African-American actor, writer, and producer Thomas Brazzle, and multi-ethnic actor, director, producer Nafeesa Monroe, Associate Produced by actress, writer, and producer Atalanta Siegel, and African-American professor Tamika Watkins.

Beatrice: Lolita Foster*
Benedick: Jason C. Brown*
Leonato: Laura Johnston*
Hero/Borachio: Kathleen O'Neal
Claudio/Sexton: Elliot Frances Flynn
Don John/Dogberry: Zoe Anastassiou*
Don Pedro/Watchman: Kelly Cooper*
Margaret/Verges: Susan Ly
Antonio/Friar Francis: Ramon Martinez

Beatrice Understudy: Barrie Kealoha*
Benedick Understudy: Michael Basile*
Hero/Margaret Understudy: Zuri Washington
Claudio/Sexton Understudy: James S. Patton

*These Actors are appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.