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Kaufman's Barbershop Opens at Shakespeare and Company


Shave and a haircut? Shakespeare & Company came to Pittsfield Wednesday August 14th, for a unique environmental theatrical experience with the World Premiere production of Kaufman’s Barbershop. In 1925, America was booming. In upstate New York, the children of Jewish immigrants had moved out of Yiddish speaking neighborhoods into America’s mainstream.  In Kaufman’s barber shop, a group of successful businessmen and professionals meet regularly to have their hair cut and to socialize away from a society that accepts them only marginally.  Three high spirited men, who had early on been tempted to go into vaudeville, find themselves enmeshed in the lives of an immigrant Irish manicurist and an African American shoeshine boy with literary aspirations.

I play Walter Henderson Jr. a shoeshine boy with literary aspirations. The play is directed by Regge Life and will run till September 1st. You may look to purchase available tickets at