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Blood Knot

As many already know Nelson Mandela passed away. For me it hadn't truly set in until today when I performed two scenes from playwright Athol Fugard's work. The scenes were from Blood Knot and Master Harold and the Boys. It was an emotional roller coaster working alongside my fellow grad mate Anthony Goes today as we journeyed through the struggles of Zach and Morrie in Blood Knot. Two brothers trying to survive in South Africa during the Apartheid. It was great though how the audience was right there with us in our struggles and our joys. The response during and afterwards from professors and students was beautiful. I have always found new things everytime I have done that scene with Anthony, today however I just felt a little of the pain that was in the words of Zach a little more than usual. Images of Mandela flashed through my mind at moments, the sweat, fear, and pride hit me all over. It was a great experience and I feel blessed to get the opportunity to do what I love freely by choice.