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Muse of Fire

Muse of Fire

Muse of Fire is an episodic series that is influenced by our world today and the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. It follows a group of individuals, from all walks of life, in a fictional depiction of New York at the turn of the second Civil War. However, these individuals happen to be all of Shakespeare’s beloved characters, like Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, Richard the 3rd, Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio, Othello, and many others. They have all been thrown together, creating new alliances, and breaking old ones, thus taking everything you knew about these characters and flipping it on its head as they try to navigate life in a world much like the one we are living in today. What would Othello do with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement? What would the Macbeths have to go through with Mac returning from the Iraq war as an unsupported veteran? Still utilizing Shakespeare’s verse and our modern day use of prose, these new stories are a new extension of the bard’s great works while commenting on our world today.

In Development